Event Champion: Dr. Glenford Mapp, Middlesex University

Dr. Glenford Mapp received his PhD from the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge in 1992.  He then worked at AT&T Cambridge Laboratories for ten years before joining Middlesex University in London in 2003, where he is currently an Associate Professor.  He was also a Visiting Research Fellow at the Computer Laboratory between 2003 and 2010 where he worked on several projects. His primary expertise is in the development of new technologies for mobile and distributed systems.  He has published over 100 papers in refereed journals and conferences. Glenford does research on Y-Comm, a new architecture for building future mobile networks and is Head of the VANET Research Group at Middlesex University.


Speaker: Giles Heron, CISCO

Giles Heron is a Principal Engineer at Cisco, working in the CTAO group.  His current focus is on applying SDN-based techniques to solving the service management challenges faced by service providers.  Before joining Cisco Giles was Principal Network Architect at BT, and was responsible for the end to end architecture of BT’s 21st Century Network. Giles has over 25 years’ experience in the networking arena, having started as a software engineer coding X.25, SNA and IP protocol stacks, and then having made the transition into network architecture.  Giles is the co-inventor of the MPLS pseudowire technology, and served as co-chair of the IETF L2VPN Working Group.


Speaker: Prof. Jon Crowcroft, Cambridge University 

Jon is the Marconi Professor of Communications Systems in the Computer Lab, at the University of Cambridge, almost exactly 100 years after Marconi’s “groundbreaking” first transatlantic wireless call, and is a fellow of Wolfson College. Previously Jon was a professor in the Department of Computer Science University College London. He graduated in Physics from Trinity College, Cambridge University in 1979 and gained an MSc in Computing in 1981, and PhD in 1993 both from UCL. A fellow of the Royal Society, the ACM, the British Computer Society, the IET the Royal Academy of Engineering and the IEEE, as well as a member of UCU. See here for more info.


Speaker: Dr. Marco Ruffini, Trinity College Dublin 

Marco Ruffini received his M.Eng. in telecommunications in 2002 from Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy. After working as a research scientist for Philips in Germany, he joined Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in 2005, where he received his Ph.D. in 2007. Since 2010, he has been Assistant Professor (tenured 2014) at TCD. He is with the CTVR/CONNECT Telecommunications Research Centre at TCD and Principal Investigator in several Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and H2020 projects, and leads the Optical Network Architecture group at Trinity College Dublin. He is author of more than 75 international journal and conference publications and more than 10 patents. His research focuses on flexible and shared high-capacity fibre broadband architectures and protocols, network convergence and Software Defined Networks control planes.


Speaker: Stuart Revell, 5GIC

Stuart Revell is the Managing Director of RTACS Ltd and is currently working with the 5GIC University of Surrey on definition, external engagement and adoption of 5G and Internet of Things based technologies and architectures, especially research and usage in Transport, Health and Smart Cities. Stuart’s passion is to grow the UK technology industry through innovation, encouraging increased investment into the sector, fostering collaboration to stimulate UK world leading R&D and chairs industry initiatives connected to multiple sectors and the adjacent industries that increasingly rely on advanced technology systems and solutions.